Sun Dogs: A Rare Phenomenon For The Human Eye!

Published - Wed, Dec 6, 2023 1:26 AM
Author : Anshuman Parashar

The meteorological phenomenon known as "sun dogs" produces brilliant patches in the sky. If there has been constant cloud cover, particularly in the wake of a wet spring. The Sun's abrupt arrival sometimes seems like a mystery from space. The brilliance that appears is much stranger.

The vibrant light patches that surround the Sun. If you've ever witnessed this odd occurrence. Perhaps you were questioning if you were seeing double or perhaps triple. But since you were most likely only seeing sun dogs, there's no need to have your eyes examined.

Sun Dogs

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What Is It Exactly?

Sun dogs do not wag their tails or yelp. They won't devour your schoolwork either. But what they will accomplish is astonish bystanders and cause people to gesture toward the sky. Sun dogs are patches of brilliantly colored light that are located next to the sun.

They are frequently around 22 degrees to the left, right, or both. Also, they are roughly the same elevation above the horizon as the Sun. Sun dogs are frequently observed around the Sun in a ring or halo. Almanac says that the term "sun dogs" has its roots in Greek mythology.

But this isn't the name's official history. The name could allude to the idea that, in Greek mythology, Zeus is the deity of the sky. He would walk his dogs across the sky and they would frequently appear alongside the sun as two "false suns."

Sun Dogs

Fun Fact!

The three sparkling lights occasionally symbolize the trinity, a sign of great prosperity in the Middle Ages. Seeing a rainbow or a sundog these days qualifies as lucky. Also, the primary distinction between the two is that a rainbow often denotes the end of the rainy season.

A sundog, however, usually indicates the arrival of rain, usually within the following 24 hours. So, Keep an eye out for bad or rainy weather the next time you spot sun dogs!

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