Know About The World's Largest Ball Of Twine!

Published - Tue, Dec 12, 2023 12:49 AM
Author : Anshuman Parashar

There are many quirks and oddities in the US. But none is quite as peculiar as the argument over who has the greatest ball of twine in the world. The world's heaviest ball of twine is the only indisputable twine ball championship. It lies concealed amid northern Wisconsin.

Darwin, Minnesota, and Cawker City, Kansas, both claim to have the largest in terms of length and width. James Frank Kotera, sometimes known as "JFK," built the World's Heaviest Ball of Twine. It weighed more than 24,000 pounds. In a remote home on Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin. JFK devoted tens of thousands of hours painstakingly winding twine into a ball for almost 40 years.


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How Did It All Begin?

JFK had been working three days a week at a local trash since 1979. He spent the remaining four days at home making enormous circles out of waste bags filled with twine. Not to mention the heaviest twine ball ever. In addition, JFK built "Junior," a 47-pound string ball, in remembrance of Kotera's 1947 birthday.

Kotera gave herself the moniker "Groundhog" because of the day of her birth, February 2. JFK would have a casual talk with visitors to the ball of twine. He told them that he would never grow weary of wrapping the twine. And also, that he intended to keep doing so until the day he passed away.

JFK said that he had previously been intoxicated. But all changed in 1979 when he talked with God. He urged him to give up drinking and start using twine. Since that conversation, JFK's hard work has grown. It allowed him to hold the title of possessing the largest ball in the world in terms of weight.


What Happened After?

At age 75, JFK passed away from cancer in January 2023. His twine ball weighed 24,100 pounds at that time. Terri Nelson was a neighbor and friend who had a devotion to preserving his life's works. A group of volunteers relocated the ball from JFK's house to Highland.

There it now stands outside the town hall, a few months after his passing. The construction of a building to showcase the ball of twine. Its function was also to shield it from the weather. This was made possible by donations from both residents and tourists.

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